Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Post Christmas Post..hehe

Hello there doogs, I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! We certainly did. BB hit the motherload as far as gifts are concerned. I thought I would give you a little taste of our Christmas by doing a picture post...Enjoy!

This is what I opened with frantic anticipation from BD. No, I'm not kidding. He probably wishes I were kidding right about now though. That's the last time he will give me anything in a box that says "as seen on TV".

Ahhh, but my mother in law's gifts make up for it....
I had no idea how shitty my camera was until I actually got a nice one! My old camera was 4.0 megapixels, and this one is 10. That's SIX more megapixels for those of you that didn't major in math.
Yeah, she's pretty awesome, don't be jealous.
I just like this picture. It's our oldest boxer, Tyson, on Christmas morning. I was eating a cookie*, cuz I'm healthy like that, and he really wanted one. It looks like he's praying.

Tree at in-law's house, with the presents creeping towards the kitchen....

Santa, that fat bastard, got the credit for the most awesome toy evah...

Yeah, he loved it. I think he even squealed like a little girl at one point.

Ahh, now I bring you to Kota the Triceratops. What.the.fuck. This big ass dinosaur is now sitting in the middle of my living room. And if you walk by it, it kind of growls at you. Like it's cat calling me. Like I really needed another pervert living at my house.

So that about sums up our Christmas morning. Which reminds me, I hate the time right after Christmas, it's very anti-climactic an depressing. Tell me the best part about your Christmas morning to cheer me up :)

*(I was drinking mimosa's too, what about it?)


Crystal said...

dude, as seen on tv stuff rocks. i got a ped egg! and i want to get some mighty mendit! some of the greatest inventions got discovered through infommercials. remember the bedazzler?? or the flowbee??? take back what you said! take it back!

Brandi said...

I have that camera and it.is.the.greatest.camera.on.Earth. I swear to the heavens in the sky. Crystal said the bedazzler. Shut the f up!

calicobebop said...

OMG! I'm so with you on the Christmas Morning Mimosa. I may or may not publish the picture of me flaunting my new ipod Nano (the only gift I received). I look that drunk/silly.

BTW, that dinosaur is creeeeepy. So glad I have a girl. I only have to live with ponies from now until... well, until forever I guess. :)

Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

i had a bloody mary yesterday when we were eating popcorn and watching The Dark Knight. told my husband it was just V8. LOL.

thanks for posting the pictures. AWESOME! and wtf re: Kota?! that shit is just scary.

best part about my christmas? umm, probably the big breakfast my dad made.

happy new year!

Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

also, i meant to tell you that i LOVE the picture of the old boxer. i need to take a picture of my poodle sitting in his stance in the sunlight... old dogs do funny shit!