Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I Fought the Wine and the Wine Won

So last night pinot grigio was all "put the bottle down, I'll still be here tomorrow." And I'm all, "no pinot grigio, I love you!" Then I woke up with a massive headache. Or hangover. Depending on how you look at it.

Big daddy and baby boy are sick. Tis the season I guess. And that usually happens when you get snow one day, and 78 degree weather the next. Gotta love Texas!

Last weekend we took baby boy to the hockey game. He loves watching sports and he's only three. He is definitely going to be a sports fanatic like his daddy. One thing he does not love is taking pictures.

Exhibit A:

At least he's looking in the direction of the camera this time....

I guess his little hands weren't doing the job fast enough:

"Seriously Mom, enough with the damn camera"

BD has this theory that I'm a complete bad luck charm. He won't even let me gamble near him when we go to Vegas because he always starts losing. He sends me over to the penny slots in the corner of the casino with the rest of the derelicts. The one time I was left to my own devices I thought, "I'll show his ass and win lots of money at the craps table!" I lost $240 in 10 minutes and wasn't allowed to have any more money for the rest of the trip.
So his theory was pretty much proven at the hockey game. I needed to go to the restroom and grab another beer. When I left my seat the game was tied 1-1. When I got back we were winning 6-1. What the fuck?


Amber D. said...

BB is eating his popcorn like you drink your wine. Just sayin'.

Chris said...

Sounds like you and your husband could have a pretty cool betting system. He brings you to a game after he's placed a bet that your team will lose or not cover the spread. Sure, he hates that his team is losing but he sure loves the extra cash.

Leslie said...

i agree with Amber D, he must have learned that from somewhere...

calicobebop said...

It's your super-power. Hey - at least you have one! Even if it is bad luck. :)

Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

lmao @ i fought the wine and the wine won. GODDAMNIT, i wish i could come up with this shit on my own.

also? you're a hot piece of ass. just sayin'. ;)

and your husband and your son are absolutely adorable!

i'm sorry, was there a different point to the post? because i was just looking at the pretty pictures. heh.