Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Six Years of Wedded Bliss

Big Daddy and I celebrated our 6th anniversary on Sunday. Yes, our wedding was the day after valentines day. Yes it was a stupid fucking idea. Yes it is impossible to get dinner reservations for our anniversary every year. And it is even more stupid because my birthday is the following week. So I pretty much fucked myself out of presents for the rest of my life.

Case in point:

We had dinner with my grandparents on Friday. When we were done, my gpa paid, and said "Happy valentines day....and anniversary....and birthday too!" Sweet.

I want to dedicate this post to my husband (who doesn't even read my blog, btw). He is a hopeless romantic who also happens to put up with my shit on a daily basis. He surprised me with impossible-to-get reservations to my favorite restaurant, the Melting Pot. But first, he bought me these:

Now I'm not a girly-girl at all, but I can surely appreciate a good pair of stilettos. And these.are.gorgeous! I tried them on and nearly had a shoegasm. What kind of man would know to buy his wife a pair of peep toe, black patent leather stilettos you ask? My man, that's who!

Now on to the Melting Pot. If you have never been there you have to go. Tonight. It is THAT GOOD. It's a fondue restaurant, which sounds kind of weird, but it is really, really good.

The first entree is a cheese fondue and they serve it with different types of bread and veggies and green apples (blech!). They have about thirty different kinds of cheeses to choose from and all sorts of stuff to mix in. YUM! The main course is the meat and veggies. They bring you out a huge platter full of raw meat. We had balsamic sirloin, shrimp, citrus chicken, pork tenderloin, and filet. You cook it in the broth type concoction of your choice. We like the red wine and mushroom one. The last course is the dessert. OH-MY-GOD. It's like an orgasm in a pot. They melt chocolate in the pot for you and add whatever ingredients you choose. One time we chose the smores one, and they added marshmallow and graham cracker crumbs to the melted chocolate. They serve it with bite sized brownies, pound cake, cheese cake, pirouette cookies, pretzels, and fruit. I could pretty much just eat that. And I would pretty much weigh 400 lbs.

After dinner we went home, uncorked a bottle of wine, and had romantic sexy time :) Ten years later he still makes me swoon!


Cookie Crums said...

Are those Jessica SImpson heels??? I have been coveting those for a few weeks. Aren't they great?! And your hubby bought them..... that rocks!!

I enjoy following your blog!

Sassy Pants said...

They are Jessica Simpson heels. I hate her...but LOOOVE her shoes! I've been admiring them every time we go to the mall, so he finally bought them for me :)


Candice said...

Love the shoes!!

Happy Anniversary :)

Rachel Tamed said...

Nice pick on the shoes and the restaurant - you married well my dear (even if it was a poorly chosen wedding date!)

Rachel Tamed said...
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