Thursday, February 5, 2009

Brought to You by the Letter P...

I got my letter from the coolest military chick I know, Calicobebop.

Here’s how it works...You leave a comment (asking for a letter) on this post, and I’ll assign you a letter. You write about ten things you love that begin with your assigned letter, and post it at your place. When people comment on your list, you give them a letter, and the chain continues on and on.

1. Pajamas - I change into my pajama pants as soon as I get home from work. I can't wait until I'm a nurse full time and can wear scrubs to work.

2. Peaches - there is nothing like a ripe, juicy southern peach on a warm summer day.

3. Puppies - I have two boxers and have had them since they were both six weeks old. They are like my fur children.

4. People - I love being around people. We are constantly having friends over for dinner. I just love surrounding myself with people that I love! It makes my house feel all homey and stuff.

5. Pickles - the refrigerated Claussen kind is my favorite. I went down to the deli next to my office the other day and got a container of 10 pickles. And yes, I ate all of them. I paid for it later that night.

6. Pregnancy - I loved being pregnant, even though I was deathly ill for almost 6 entire months. I loved feeling baby boy move and wiggle. I loved the way he would respond to his daddy's voice and certain songs. I miss it.

7. Pimples - not on my face, but on other people. I like to pop them. Gross, I know, but it is a freakish addiction. Same goes with bed sores at the hospital. The deeper the better.

8. Pots and Pans - cause I love to cook! I got an awesome set of calphalon cookware for my wedding and have put them to good use! See #4.

9. Puddin' Pie - one of my many cheesy nicknames for baby boy. What? You didn't think I could make a list of things I love without mentioning him, did you?

10. Perseverance - Mine, that is. I never take stuff lying down. If something in my life sucks, I do whatever I can to change it. If something in school is hard, I study more. If something at work isn't going my way, I do something about it. My perseverance hasn't failed me yet!


Crystal said...

Bed sores???
jaysus that is a first!
grode. grode. grode.

i much prefer gunshot wounds.

calicobebop said...

Awww, Pudding Pie! So sweet!

Great list! I jump in my PJs as soon as I'm home too! Life is too short to wear non-stretchy clothes at home. Amen.

Candice said...

I would live in my PJ's if I could. My kids are the same way. We are all mini Hugh Hefners, minus the erectile dysfunction.

Abby*Lane said...

Teehee! Pj's are fabulous, I must say. Especially after being at work in heels all day!

Erin Jeannine said...

#7 Me too. I totally hear you.

Ryan Ashley Scott@Optimistic Cynicism said...

On pots and pans/ see #4: I went back to #4 where it says "people" and got the impression you were more like my mother than I thought... then I remembered the cooking for them part. Ah, well.

Sign me up - I'd like a letter, please. That's all I need to do? Just ask?

Mary said...

um, toss me a letter- and let me forget about the bedsores :) eek!

January said...

Throw a lettter my way and I'll see what I come up with... Can't wait!

Aubrey said...

Oh how I loved being preggers too! And pickles. And PJs. LOL

Soxy Deb said...

I agree with #2, but boy I tell ya, watermelon comes in a VERy close second.
You did completely gross me out with the pimples and bed sores though. And i am NOT easily grossed out, but I was eating. Blech!