Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It may be time to change doctors

So I was talking to my mama this morning and she happened to mention that my dad's back has been hurting. Apparently when you are in nursing school people start to think you're a doctor. I digress. She said he wants to change doctors. I asked her why because they have been going to this particular doctor for over 20 years. Going forward I will refer to this particular doctor as Dr. Who Is Most Likely Gay, or Dr. WIMLG for short.

Mom - "Well, your daddy went in for his back pain and Dr. WIMLG didn't order any tests."
Me - "Well what did he do?"
Mom - "He told your daddy that he wanted to check his prostate"

Sidebar - my dad had prostate cancer several years ago and had his prostate removed.

Me - "But dad doesn't even have a prostate"
Mom - "Well he reminded Dr. WIMLG of this and do you know what he said? He put on a glove and said let's check it anyway!"
Me - "W.T.F. I agree with changing docs."

My poor dad has had his ass violated more times than an inmate.


Candice said...

Ask your Dad if Dr WIMLG happened to have both hands on his shoulders when the exam occured?

If so, that could definitely be an indication that Dr. WIMLG is fo sho gay.

Anonymous said...

Damnit Candice - you totally stole my witty comment.

{Kiki} said...

That's awesome. Thanks for the laughs. I needed it. Have a wonderful day and I hope your dad has a new doc. Take care.

LivingDeadNurse said...

lol stop by and find your award at my site..i love reading ur blogs

Samsmama said...

Are you kidding me? WTF? What was he checking for? I'm no nursing student, but to the best of my knowledge your prostate can't grow back.

Sassy Pants said...

You guys are making me laugh my ass off!

Candice & Court - that's exactly what my mom said. I've had a strong suspicion said dr is gay for a while. Never been married, no kids, old, a little light in the loafers...you get the picture.

Kiki - I will help him find one if I have to!

LDN - thanks for the award :)

SamsMama - literally spit diet coke on my keyboard.