Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Who missed me?

I know I've been neglecting the blog lately, but in my defense I was on vacation for a week. We took our annual ski trip to Colorado with the inlaws. This is the 8th year I've gone with the family. I still can't ski worth a shit, and every year I say the same thing. "I hate skiing, I hate the cold, and I'm not coming back next year!" Apparently I have a very bad memory because I do end up going back. Every.single.year. And every single year the wonderful ski patrol has to dispatch a search and rescue crew because someone in the family thought it would be hilarious to trick me into going down a black diamond. Ha ha asswipes, ha ha. In case you aren't familiar with ski terms, the trails on the mountain are color coded. Green = easiest/beginner, Blue = intermediate, Black = bend over and kiss your ass goodbye.

Here are some pics from the trip...

Just another excuse for me to not take the trash out.

Our last night in Copper Mountain...please excuse that awful excuse for facial hair.
He was laying on a bench after sentiments exactly BB.

Best part of the trip right here. It was called the chocolate sleigh ride. Me, BB, and my sister in law rode out to a tent in the woods and made smores and drank hot chocolate. That's my kind of vacation.

It wasn't yellow, I checked.

He was almost to the front door when we found him. Going to ski in his jammies I suppose.

Skiing solo for the first time.

If you have never been skiing, I don't recommend it. I mean, it looks super fun, and it is as long as you are a freaking expert. It's not so much fun when you slam face first into the mountain with such force that your ski smacks you in the back of the head. Oh, and did I mention that you can't breathe? We live below sea level, and Copper Mountain is 14,000 feet ABOVE sea level. What does that mean? It means I was gasping for air after putting my socks on. Good times.


Samsmama said...

Skiing sucks ass, in my opinion. I bet the sleigh ride was awesome!

calicobebop said...

Chocolate Sleigh Ride? SIGN ME UP!! I'll take that over busting my ass down a ski slope any day of the week!

ps - Yes, we missed you!

Nichole said...

You know, most ski lodges have bars. With lots of alcohol.

Candice said...

Ah yes, I thought I was going to have a Sunny Bono moment last time I went skiing. I wanted to kiss the damn ground when I made it to the bottom. Like a fing fool, I was talked into going back up the mountain, where I once again, screamed curse words all the way down the mountain.

Meanwhile I was getting lapped by 3yr olds on skis without poles. The poles were my saving grace. Without them I would surely be dead today.

Susan said...

Oh, I am SO not a skier. I would rather drink near the fireplace and be happy. And warm.

Mary said...

I missed you! If I had known we could have sent the rescue patrol out for you, I would have!
I ,however, love to ski...just love it. My frozen toes do not agree with me, but i make them go along any way :)

Shana said...

At least the whole ski thing gave you something to write about !!!

Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

i missed you! and i completely understand neglecting the blog for a while. whether it's because you're gone, or just don't have time to mess with it. :)

for what it's worth, i hate anything involving snow. in DC, i am miserable for at least 4 out of every 12mos.

but YAY! for a fun vaca! glad you're back! :)

Jeanne said...

I wish you'd been around to warn me before I tried skiing! Glad you made it back in one piece.

Aubrey said...

I've been in CO 16 1/2 years. Haven't been skiing once. Cabins, fires, s'mores and cocoa are more of my thing!