Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Things I shouldn't have to say

BD is 31 years old. Some people might even consider him a grown adult. I am not included in "some people." Case in point. Last night he took BB upstairs to give him a bath. I didn't even have to ask him so he gets extra points for that. By the way, no one ever asks me to bathe BB?? Hmm. I just assume the parental role and get it done. But then again, I do have a vagina, and BD does not. There must be some sort of penis chemical receptor that blocks common parental duties from men's brains. I digress.

So he takes BB upstairs and I hear splashing around. Good, I think to myself, he is actually going to give him a bath and I can relax! That's what I get for thinking. After about fifteen minutes I go upstairs to get ready for bed and he is getting BB out of the tub. I notice his hair isn't wet. I don't see the soap anywhere. I sigh and ask a question that you should never have to ask your adult husband.

"Did you use soap?"

"Well, no, but I rubbed bubbles on him."

"You have got to be shitting me. I shouldn't have to ask you to use soap when you bathe him! You are a grown man for God's sake!"

"Well he didn't play outside today because it was raining, and it's not even my night to bathe him."

I could feel the vein protruding from my forehead. I was chanting in my head...choose your battles, choose your battles, choose your battles....

I walked out of the bathroom and didn't say another word about it even though I was fuming. Until this morning. Apparently having a vagina also means you lack the ability to let things go. He was brushing his teeth and shaked his wanker at me...his normal morning routine. And apparently I was still mad about last night because I looked at him and screamed "Do you know how many times I've bathed him when it wasn't my night?!?!" He gave me that whoa-you-just-went-all-crazy-bitch-on-me stare, and then all was good. I'm over it. Until it happens again. And I can assure you it will happen again.

All I have to say is that man is lucky he is so pretty.


calicobebop said...

Hot Damn! I was going to agree with you about the penis-chemical-blocker thing but got totally distracted by the picture. You are a lucky lady!

Brandi said...

Um. Where can I find one of those? Minus the dark blindfold and the stupid guy stuff. Yeah, I know, it's not possible..... *sigh*

Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

BD is hawt.

oh, and i totally lol'd at the "There must be some sort of penis chemical receptor that blocks common parental duties from men's brains."


oh, and i totally go all crazybitch on my husband in the morning if he waves the weewee at me and he pissed me off the night before... he's gotten used to it at this point...

Crystal said...

Bite it.

It is much more satisfying and we won't shake it at you nearly as often.