Monday, November 10, 2008

Keeping My Fingers Crossed

I had a job interview today at a hospital near my house. Actually it is the same hospital BB was born at three years ago. The position is for a 'professional student nurse', which means you can do anything that you have learned how to do in school. Which also means I know enough to kill you, but probably not enough to save your life :) The best part is that it is for the labor and delivery department! L&D is where I ultimately hope to end up when I graduate so this would be perfect for me. Not only that, but I will finally be able to tell my BITCH ASS boss to FUCK OFF!!! I hate her. No, I loathe her. I want to scratch her fucking eyeballs out and tell her that everyone thinks she is a cold heartless bitch. But I don't, because I still need a paycheck. The day will come though, mark my words. She will rue the day she started treating me like a second class citizen.

So my interview was fantastic. I met with HR for about an hour, and then he took me to meet the head nurse in L&D. She interviewed me for another half hour and showed me around. She kept saying how excited she was to see my resume come across her desk. When I left I thanked her for speaking to me and she told me to expect a call from HR very soon. I'm totally taking that as a good sign. You people have no idea how much I want out of corporate America. The backstabbing, the brown nosing, the paper pushing...I can't take it anymore!

On another note, I know I haven't written much lately but that's because I've had major bloggers block. Nothing very interesting has happened to me this past week. We went to the renaissance festival on saturday. It is the biggest gathering of white trash I've ever witnessed. Women were dressed in chain maille with nothing on underneath. (Did I mention I had BB there?) And let me just say ladies, dimples are only cute on your face. Please don't go out in public in a thong if it looks like someone beat your ass and thighs with a bag of nickels, okay? Nobody wants to see that.

That is all for today. I'll leave you with this....I asked BB what he wanted to be when he grows up, he puts his finger on his chin, thinks for a minute, looks at me proudly, and says "a tree!"


Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

hey, kudos to anyone who gets out of corporate america. if i weren't such a lazy ass and possessed some amount of motivation, then i, too may decide to leave the brown-nosing, back-stabbing world of "going forward", "optimization", & "synergized".

btw, your post still made me lol. even though you think you have the bloggers-block, you still made me laugh.

OH, and re: the renaissance festival... that type of thing is a hideous display of the lowest common denominator. we took the kids to the local fair in the summer, and i was *this close to dressing my daughter in her "my mom's hotter than your mom", or "mommy drinks because i cry" t-shirts. (they were gifts, i swear.)

calicobebop said...

I'm glad to hear the interview went so well! My fingers are crossed for you!

ps - I have bloggers block too. sucks.