Friday, June 5, 2009

The difference between moms and dads

Last night I went with my sister in law to help her register for the twinsies. We hit up babies r us, which is the mecca for baby stuff. That probably wasn't the best idea because it was kind of like taking an alcoholic to Oktoberfest. She even let me use the scanner because she's awesome like that. Actually towards the end she was so overwhelmed she just told me to scan whatever. Which was awesome. I think my womb started to sob while we were in there. Anyhow, towards the end of the trip I walked over to the bath products because baby boy has been out of bath soap for a few days. What I didn't know was that BD had also picked up some soap while he was in Target. These are the results:

Can you tell who got what?


calicobebop said...

Sweet! Your baby boy must have stoked that you brought home the Spidey bath! Now what was your husband thinking with that lovely lavender bath wash?

hee hee!

Jonni said...

Hmmm...lavender bath wash = good night's sleep.

Spidey soap = swinging from the ceiling fans shooting webs before bedtime.

I know WHO isn't getting any sleep! ;-)

Cookie Crums said...

My husband would probably just use his soap instead of buying something....and at times his idea of "bath time" is to just pull my little one into the shower with him and let him get semi soaked. Cracks me up!

Diane J. said...

Too funny! This is so true. When my now 14-year-old son was only three months old, we went shopping to get some toys, I was looking at rattles, my husband bought a Batman action figure bigger than our son, suggested age? 3 and older.

Jeanne said...

More to the point, which one is the kid willing to use?