Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Change is Not Always Good

This is going to seem pretty trivial, but it's what's going on right now so it's what I'm writing about.

They changed our cafe here at work. We were assured that the new owners would be bigger and better. My ass. We begin our story around 1pm today. BFF innocently sends me an IM saying she wants ice cream. Being the lard ass that I am I happily agree. You see, our old cafe had a freezer full of ice creamy goodness...frozen snickers, drumsticks, chocolate dipped haagen daz bars....

We meet in the cafe a few minutes later....look around for said ice cream freezer. It is nowhere to be found. Panic ensues. BFF asks if they got rid of it, to which they reply "yes". A slightly shrill "are you sure?!" follows. I've never seen a 28 year old woman throw a hissy fit and pout until today. I think she even stomped her foot at one point.

She begrudgingly sulks over to the frozen yogurt machine and pulls the handle. "Chocolate?! I don't want chocolate!" More sulking. (Who doesn't like chocolate anyway?) So we roam around aimlessly in the cafe looking for a substitute. I see chocolate chip cookies, which are normally like crack to me, but they were wrapped in plastic. Ick.

BFF grabs a snickers (snickers are made of chocolate, no?) I grab the cookies. I know, they were in plastic, but I'm not wasting a trip to the cafe and coming back empty handed. We grill the checkout girl who barely speaks english about the missing ice cream freezer. She assures us that she will tell management. (Yeah, she will tell management alright....that two bitches were about to go postal over missing ice cream, of all things)

Needless to say, I am not happy about this cafe change. I will deal with the spongy, inedible chicken with the painted on grill marks. Just give us back our ice cream!

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