Friday, June 5, 2009

The difference between moms and dads

Last night I went with my sister in law to help her register for the twinsies. We hit up babies r us, which is the mecca for baby stuff. That probably wasn't the best idea because it was kind of like taking an alcoholic to Oktoberfest. She even let me use the scanner because she's awesome like that. Actually towards the end she was so overwhelmed she just told me to scan whatever. Which was awesome. I think my womb started to sob while we were in there. Anyhow, towards the end of the trip I walked over to the bath products because baby boy has been out of bath soap for a few days. What I didn't know was that BD had also picked up some soap while he was in Target. These are the results:

Can you tell who got what?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Holy blog neglect, batman!

Do I even have any readers left? Have you guys all left me for the way-funnier-than-me Matter of Fact Mommy? That's cool. I love her too.

So I've pretty much been sick for the better part of 2009 and it's really beginning to take it's toll on me. First it was pneumonia, then the chest pain, and last week I'm 99% sure i had the fucking flu. I'm like a walking microbiology lab. Maybe I could make some extra cash serving as such. Yeah kid, just swab the back of my throat or my nose. You'll get like eleventy billion viruses! Score! I've been joking with big daddy that I probably have AIDS. He doesn't appreciate humor the way I do.

I'm fairly certain I've been so sick because of stress beating down my immune system. My hair is falling out in clumps and I've developed insomnia all for the great pursuit of becoming a nurse. I just started level III of nursing and HOLY HELL. The first two levels were like laying on a beach in Maui sipping cocktails compared to this shit. It took me a week just to get a pretty good understanding of the syllabus. I did manage to sneak in a quasi vacation before I started this semester. My carpal tunnel (what am I, 90?) is acting up so I'll let you see that little story over at BFF's blog. I say quasi vacation because my idea of a vacation does not include having to hover over the toilet seat for fear of catching an STD and wearing flip flops in the shower so I don't get toe crabs. That's just me though, I can be uptight about stuff like fucking 6 people in 48 hours.

What else is new? Oh, I'm also taking a speech class this (5 week summer!) semester because apparently I took the wrong one. That's not an email anyone appreciates getting. This is how awesome I am...I started the class yesterday, and finished TODAY. It's online so you can work as quickly as you want and I wanted to get it out of the way. Two days is probably like some sort of school record or something. I should look into that. I literally worked for 7 hours straight yesterday and 6 hours straight today to finish that shit.

AND I'm finally getting moved here at work so I don't have to work for satan herself anymore. And I'm really excited about that and also really nervous because I don't handle change very well. I had diarrhea for a week after we re-arranged the living room, so there's no telling what this is going to do to me. The thought of having to change buildings makes me break out in hives.
That is all for to check up on my favorite blogs!